The Letter Yellow's second album, "Watercolor Overcast," debuts July 24th, 2015. The new album is a psychedelic follow-up to the soulful and groovy, rock & roll "Walking Down the Streets." In a truly analog process, "Watercolor Overcasts"'s 10 tracks were recorded, mixed, and mastered to vinyl all without ever touching a computer.

With a plan to release Watercolor Overcast on vinyl, Randy Bergida, Mike Thies, and Abe Pollack, The Letter Yellow, and Nolan Thies, engineer/co-producer, together committed to recording the album completely analog, from start to finish. They went into the studio with 10 new songs, a freer sound, a beloved Neve console, and a 24-track tape machine. Recording to tape means no computers, no fixing later. "I feel this process really bonded us as musicians. We all had to be so present with our music and our emotions, " says Randy. "And you feel when it's that magic take." The record was mixed with all hands on deck, all hands on the mixing board--the mixing happens in real time. Mastering engineer Alex DeTurk hand-cut the lacquers for the limited edition vinyl release of 500 in the Spring of 2015.

Since The Letter Yellow began in 2011 in Brooklyn, NY, founding band members Randy Bergida, Abe Pollack, and Mike Thies connected on an authentic sound. The first album "Walking Down the Streets", an energetic record with elements of rock, rhythm and blues, and pop debuted in 2012 at Glasslands in Brooklyn and introduced The Letter Yellow's signature analog style. The second album "Watercolor Overcast" reveals a psychedelic evolution in sound. Roots in rock and blues mix with a solidified sound that's free and unleashed.

Watercolor Overcast 12" Vinyl - 100% Analog Available June 18th, 2015


September 3rd 2015

July 17th 2015
The Living Room
Brooklyn, NY

July 10th 2015
The Living Room
Brooklyn, NY

July 3rd 2015
The Living Room
Brooklyn, NY

July 27th 2015
The Living Room
Brooklyn, NY

February 3rd 2015
Rough Trade
Brooklyn, NY

April 3rd 2014
Brooklyn, NY

June 9th 2013
Rockwood Music Hall
New York, NY

May 8th 2013
Rockwood Music Hall
New York, NY

March 21st 2013
The Rock Shop
Brooklyn, NY

February 22nd 2013
New York, NY

December 23rd 2012
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1
New York, NY

October 19th 2012
Bar Matchless
(9pm CMJ Showcase)
Brooklyn, NY

October 18th 2012
The Velvet Lounge
Washington, DC

October 4th 2012
The Bowery Electric
New York, NY

September 9th 2012
Glasslands Gallery
Brooklyn, NY
w/Live Footage and Little Anchor

November 12th 2012
WFMU 91.1
Live on air performance 1pm!
Jersey City, NJ


Tour dates


Tomonori Tsujita,
Yuri Miyamoto


by: Tomonori Tsujita

against an orange wall

by: Tomonori Tsujita

coffee and water

by: Yuri Miyamoto

it was either them or us...someone had to leave the room

by: Yuri Miyamoto


"Watercolor Overcast"
Available now on Vinyl and digitally available June 24th, 2015!

"Walking Down The Streets"
September 9th 2012

From their 100% analog 2015 release "Watercolor Overcast"

From their debut album "Walking Down The Streets"


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Debut Record:

"Walking Down The Streets"
September 9th 2012

THE blog

Soft Concrete Magazine

by mbaykent


Picture yourself crossing state borders in a station wagon with your lover by your side; cruising along the coast and passing through deserts. A life full of pale watercolor sunsets, pit stops, and wind in your hair. The end destination of this adventure? None other than “the city that never sleeps”, “the Big Apple”, New York City.

The Brooklyn based band, The Letter Yellow’s diverse sound and late 60s psychedelic feel gives you the perfect soundtrack to this adventure, ‘Watercolor Overcast’, the follow up to the soulful record ‘Walking Down The Streets’. We managed to get our hands on this record in its beautiful vinyl form and let the turntable spin as the room was enveloped in raw, blissful music.

‘Watercolor Overcast’ opens up with the cool, psychedelic track “Anytime Of Day”, a tune that has a steady tempo with a soaring instrumental packed chorus. Almost like the beginning credits of a film or in this case the first few hours on the road, it entices you, lures you in to the unexpected with open arms.

As the record progresses, the sounds shift from simple, dreamy melodies (“Road To The Mountain”, “Summer In The City”) to afrobeat infused tracks (“Pain In the World”) to everything in between. The assortment of the tracks makes it to be one fun, unpredictable album; kind of like the endless trip that you’ve found yourself on.

The fact that this album was recorded and produced without ever meeting a computer is extraordinary and causes you to greatly admire and appreciate ‘Watercolor Overcast’ and The Letter Yellow. They went off with hopes to produce their sophomore album on vinyl and came back with a record that is nearly perfect, and one that surely anyone can enjoy.

You can now stream ‘Watercolor Overcast’ on their Bandcamp as well as purchase it on vinyl form to get the overall experience here.

New York Music Daily

by delarue

Catchy, Jangly, Propulsive, Afrobeat-Inspired Tunes from the Letter Yellow

Do you like the idea of Vampire Weekend but find the real thing impossibly insipid? If so, the Letter Yellow are for you. Frontman/guitarist Randy Bergida writes lithely dancing, catchy major-key tunes anchored by the rhythm section of bassist Abe Pollack and drummer Mike Thies. They’re playing the album release show for their new one, Watercolor Overcast at the Cameo Gallery tonight, June 18 at 10 PM; cover is $8.

Pollack’s trebly bass plays an Afrobeat groove underneath Bergida’s balmy but tensely anticipatory vocals on the opening track, Anytime of Day, a lush, dynamically shifting, artfully orchestrated anthem. Road to the Mountain has a loping Afropop groove with an unselfconsciously joyous flute flourish on the turnaround, hitched to a gospel-inspired vamp. Summer in the City isn’t the 60s pop hit but an enigmatically sunny, soul-splashed, strummy original that in another era would have been a monster radio hit.

Pain in the World blends an edgy minor bossa groove and biting roots reggae lyricism over an echoey minor-key melody with hints of that tune that every busker from Sydney to South Carolina knows. The album’s strongest track, The Light We Shed sets pulsar guitar multitracks to a steady marching beat, echoey jangle giving way to clang and resonance. Slow Down works a slowly swaying, hypnotically summery soul vamp lit up with some sparkly keygboard flourishes.

Cold Cold Night builds a fiery, galloping nocturnal ambience, far from the wintriness the title suggests. Likewise, the soul strut Downtown has a nighttime vibe, with a long, Can’t You Hear Me Knocking-style latin psychedelic outro.

Drifter shifts toward Americana, while the final track, Can I Get It Girl goes in a more straightforward hard-funk direction, with more than a hint that it’s the style of music where the band got their start. Maybe the coolest thing about the album is that it’s available on vinyl: if the band remembers to bring a box of records to their shows, it’s a sure bet that they’ll sell out. So far, it hasn’t hit Bandcamp or the usual sites, but the band’s previous output is streaming at their audio page.

High Fidelity Reviews

by Tori kerr

That’s What I Call A Debut
Do you recall a particular mid-September evening when you were strolling alone and, for an hour or so, you felt perfectly at ease with the world and your place in it? Contented and solitary among the streetlamps, you might have thought, “The only thing I need right now is a perfect soundtrack.” If this sounds familiar, do yourself a favor and prepare for next time with The Letter Yellow’s debut LP, Walking Down The Streets. On their first record the Brooklyn trio masterfully blends pop, blues, and rock. Vocalist and guitarist Randy Bergida’s sexy-smooth voice leads each track, rolling easily in and out of genres. Mike Thies, on drums, provides jazzy rhythms that make you want to walk in time to his hi-hat. Bassist Abe Pollack grooves just as fluidly, gliding in and out of focus. They simply play naturally together—three is their magic number. This album has something for everyone. The bluesy “I Got You” is John Mayer-worthy, complete with a juicy guitar solo to complement Begida’s enticing voice: listen as he slides in and out of falsetto as if he’s wooed Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift. Folk fans will fall in love with “Southern Bound,” a track so poignant it deserves placement on your next road trip mix. The melodic and soulful “It’s Monday And I’m Dreaming” will please listeners who need a bit of pop. Plus, the lyrics so aptly capture that universal fantasy described in the title: “The grass tickles our shy white backs / Light a fire and kick off our shoes / The laughter cupped with wine keeps us warm.” Walking Down The Streets demonstrates not only style and variety, but talent. It’s hard to believe that this is the same band that rocks out, 1950s-style, on “14 Bar Blues.” Now Bergida invokes Elvis, exercising his lower range and giving his best gruff growl. But wait, now they’ve got a smokin’ piano solo, too! The Letter Yellow took a risk with this one; it shocks and surprises but still delights. Perhaps it foreshadows the next step for the band? This album feels organic, natural—exactly the sort of honest music rock fans need in this world of synthesizers and drum machines. Treat yourself and your headphones by taking an hour to go walking down the streets.

RANDY BERGIDA, yellow letters home

by Wobblehouse

I had a fun interview with Wobblehouse you can check out here!
Wobblehouse Interview

NYC Band On Rise The Letter Yellow Plays Rock Shop On November 5th 2012

by The Deli Magazine

After years of playing with Portland rockers Skidmore Fountain, guitarist and vocalist Randy Bergida broke off to form The Letter Yellow. The Brooklyn-based band started out of Bergida’s solo work, releasing the debut album “Walking Down The Streets” back in September with a full band rounded out by Mike Thies - met during his Skidmore days - and Abraham Pollack. “Walking Down The Streets” features a melodic, alt pop sound with thoughtful tinges at times reminiscent of The Smiths, and serene lyrics that detail Bergida’s life on both ends of the country, with stories of Brooklyn cafes and driving up the California coast. The band will perform at the Rock Shop on November 5.
The Deli Magazine

A Spotlight With Music Box Pete

by Peter Amara

An all new edition of Artist Spotlight awaits! Today, we have an emerging indie band based out of Brooklyn, NY by the name of The Letter Yellow. The band consists of Randy Bergida, Mike Thies, and Abraham Pollock. The band's music has a diverse and eclectic mixture of Death Cab For Cutie with a little bit of The Pixies thrown in for good measure that offers up a little something for the diverse music listener, even some blues influences are omnipresent in their music as well. It's refreshing to hear bands branching out beyond their capabilities and are able to the task of dabbling in other genres that sometimes other upstart bands are afraid to try, or are more adept to staying within their comfort zone of music they play in which is fine, but sometimes you'll find that growth by doing the latter can be kind of stagnant at times so you'll have a greater degree of success by branching out in different areas that will make you stand out from the casual music fan. A great up and coming band that has all the keys necessary to stand and deliver to the concert going crowd. Some recommended tracks for you to have a listen at include "Out on The Streets" and "14 Bar Blues". For more info on the band, head on over to their Facebook page at: While you're there, click the 'Music' tab to stream their music via their BandCamp site directly from Facebook so that you don't have to open another window. The band is able to be followed on Twitter at: and stay up to date with what the band have going on at this very minute. Check out the band's website as well at: to stay up to date on the latest round of tour dates they have that may be coming to your area relatively soon!
Music Box Pete

Baby Sue has a Review!

The debut album from Brooklyn's The Letter Yellow. Rather than stay in one safe territory, these folks tread into several genres and styles on their first album. Some of the tracks are pop, some rock, some pensive, and some melancholy and beautiful. The band is the trio comprised of Randy Bergida (vocals, guitar, synth), Mike Thies (drums, percussion), and Abe Pollack (bass, lap steel, synth). Plenty of different moods here and the vocals can sometimes give you chills. Particularly incredible is the closing track "Southern Bound"...with a wonderful soft gliding melody that listeners won't soon forget. Other standout cuts include "Changed," "Hold Me Steady," "I Got You," and "In The Sun Making Waves."
Baby Sue

An Interview and a Feauture by Classiques Modernes

by Loy Carlos

Had a great time chatting with Loy at Grumpy Cafe and here's what he has to say about The Letter Yellow!the-arts/c1mws

The Deli Magazine Reviews The Letter Yellow

by Mike Levine

The Letter Yellow releases debut album + plays Glasslands show 9.9

While most of us have some romantic notions about our beloved New York City, few of us go so far as to document our accolades in lyrical odyssey. Well, looks like you missed your chance. In twelve tracks of throwback rock n' roll sentiment, The Letter Yellow has done exactly that in new record 'Walking Down the Street.' Coming across like a late night reflection with the Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop, singer-songwriter Randy Bergida paints a landscape from 'Hope Street' to Harlem and back again. This is a heartfelt love letter to the greatest city in the world, from someone who's made Greenpoint his hometown (and recording studio). Join the band when The Letter Yellow hosts their album release party this Sunday at Glasslands (9.9). - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)
The Deli Magazine Review

Let The Optimism Continue Thanks To Your Support

We had an amazing show last night and we just wanted to thank everyone for all your support along the way. It was a great feeling to get on stage with my good friends Mike Thies and Abe Pollack who, along with myself, make up The Letter Yellow. After recording a record and many days, hours, months, of rehearsing, it felt so nice to let it out to the world. Thanks to Popgun and Glasslands for hosting the evening as well as Live Footage and Little Anchor for making the evening extra special.

And it brings me great joy to announce that today our album is available, so if you are up for some music for your subway ride, bike ride, drive, then pick up a copy at

And we just announced another show on October 18th at the Velvet Lounge in Washington, DC!

Almost Here, a Bit of Reflection

I'm sure you have heard the phrase, "it seems like just yesterday". This is a bit of a different case for the record "Walking Down The Streets" which we are releasing in just a few days! I remember when I started writing the songs for this record and it certainly doesn't seem like yesterday. Although the music feels fresher than a salad from Eat, formerly Eat Records, so much has past since those days. I guess that's our lifestyle in NYC..."keep on pushin' on" (I think I owe that quote to Curtis Mayfield).

Back to the nostalgia. It was a cold cold winter in Brooklyn and the writing went through the fall until our crazy hot recording session in the dead of summer. It's one of those sessions which will certainly go down in history at the studio, The Creamery run by Quinn McCarthy. The tale will probably start something like, "it was 130 degrees fahrenheit and the curtains were melting..." (we have to exaggerate because it has to seem a bit unrealistic).

You get the idea, it was really hot. And that was an entire year ago. And here we are today and we are nearing the Sunday that we get on the stage at Glasslands Gallery, sharing the bill with Live Footage and LIttle Anchor. We are all very excited and we'll see you soon. Check out the audio section of the site...I just posted another song which seems to lie perfectly for some post labor day reflection.

Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings at Williamsburg Park

If the first thing I say is the most important, then I will say this first...see Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings! On stage, she's like a shooting star exploding time after time. And The Dap-Kings, dressed in perfectly fitted vintage suits with steady composure, fills the air with motown/soul licks and rhythms forming perfect ostinato patterns, weaving perfect songs. You can feel Ms. Jones's passion, pain, strength, and excitement in just a spoken word. And she certainly does like to utter a few words (which we all love to listen to), but when she sings, you can feel it deep down in the center of your bones, in the middle of your stomach, you get tingles from head to toe. It's too bad that Williamsburg Park has to shut down at 10 because I think the band along with all the glowing fans would have more than happily stayed for not just an encore, but another set altogether!

Our first newsletter hit stands this morning

The Monthly Newsletter Edition 1

Record Release Show Announced for Sunday September 9th 2012 at Glasslands Gallery!

It gives me great pleasure to announce The Letter Yellow's debut performance
and record release with good friends Live Footage and Little Anchor. And I
couldn't be more happy than to release the record in my neighboring neighborhood.
The show will be at one of my favorite venues, Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg. I love this place!
See you Sunday September 9th, 2012.

Remember That Summer 2012

Anything could have happened.
The weather was nice and we started something.

Art Party

A collection of works from close friends and members of The Letter Yellow.

All works created at Songwriter Factory in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

man vs. machine

by: Mike Thies 2011

man vs. machine side b

by: Mike Thies 2011

bridgetown usa

by: Randy Bergida 2011

self portrait of hand

by: Michele De Maria 2012


by: Randy Bergida 2011

Palette Shift

by: Mike Thies 2012


by: Topu Lyo 2012

Enchanted Island

by: Yuri Myamoto 2012

The Couch

by: Randy Bergida 2012


by: Linda Kang 2012


by: Mike Thies 2012